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Like every other company, Sparkle Events started out from someone’s need. In 2007, two best friends, Hessa Al Asousi and Haya Al Nafisi, were contacted by one of their close friends. “My little girl’s birthday is right around the corner. I need help!” their friend cried out. With a confident smile and a raise of the eyebrows, the two-woman dream team came to be in the most organic manner. After they observed their beautiful work come to life in the form of an unforgettable birthday party, Hessa and Haya found themselves contacted by other friends and relatives. From children’s birthdays to graduations and other cherished occasions, the two girls found themselves busier than ever as they did what they truly loved: turning events into precious memories. A tiny spark of possibility entered the girls’ quick-thinking minds. “If we are so good at what we love to do, why don’t we turn it into our jobs?” they thought simultaneously. And thus, Sparkle Events was launched under the wondrous talent of two women whose helping hand grew to be one of the most sought after events companies in Kuwait.


From little boys and girls themed parties to exciting and enjoyable gatherings and events for grownups, we at Sparkle Events are devoted to making every project we create as magical and memorable as the next.